Mystery - Chubby Dinosaur
Mystery - Chubby Dinosaur
Mystery - Chubby Dinosaur
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Mystery - Chubby Dinosaur

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Feeling a little daring? Get a COMPLETELY unique dinosaur! I will use yarn from my stash that might be discontinued, unique colors, or patterns (i.e. possibly can't be duplicated!) to give you a one-of-a-kind color combination! 

Abby or Indy?

Now you can choose who will select the colors used in your dinosaur! You can have me (Abby) choose or Indy - my super cute, very helpful dog! If Indy chooses your colors, I will try to include a video of her selections on social media! 

Cuddle up with a soft squishy dino! This little buddy is made with soft yarn and is perfect in any Dino-lovers home. Play pretend or snuggle up to sleep with your new best buddy! 

Product Information
» Average Height: 9 inches 
» Average Width: 6 inches 

» Acrylic yarn
» Polyester Fiber Fill
» Polyester product tag
» Two plastic safety eyes (see images for additional eye safety notice)

Add an Adoption Certificate!

Make your adoption official with a 5x7 cardstock adoption certificate. It includes a place for your name, adoption date, and your dinosaur's new name! (Psst - you also get to COLOR your dinosaur!)


Want to dress up your dinosaur? Cowboy hats, bow ties, superhero capes, birthday hats and so much more!!



Cleaning Instructions
Crochet toys can be cleaned by hand using a 50/50 cool water and soap mixture and a dabbing cloth. 

Warning / Disclaimer: 

This item was made with two-part plastic safety eyes. Children under 3 should be supervised when playing with this item.

All toys from That’s Sew Lacey have melted backs (inside the toy) to more permanently secure the piece. This reduces the chance of the plastic eyes being removed and becoming a choking hazard. However, caution should still be taken with children.

These items are also not advised for pets due to choking hazards.

Any items made by That's Sew Lacey are not associated or affiliated with the original copyright owners. All materials are purchased in a retail environment from authorized sellers. Original dinosaur pattern created by Kelsey Liggett from Blue Phone Studios.

Have questions? Please feel free to send me a message! I am happy to discuss custom orders.